Welcome to this week’s edition of Headcase of the Week. As today is the hottest day of the year so far here in the UK, we are obviously all melting in our offices and workplaces. But as five o clock draws ever closer, and by the time you read this you will definitely be winging it home, sweating in the car or on the train with thoughts of beer gardens and BBQs. As, after all, that is all British people think about when you glimpse even the tiniest golden ray peaking through the usual grey gloom that is the sky. But not today! Anyway I digress, so in preparation for the next spell of warm weather, probably in a few months or so, why not invest in a product that indulges your fantasies of British summer time, but in somewhere less ‘four-foot-by-six-foot-patch-of-grass’ and more adventure wilderness.


The Grillo by Formaxiom is a self styled ‘Fire Hammock’ (A phrase that we can all relate to tonight when we try and get to sleep). A portable BBQ that is perfectly simple and easy to use, with a mesh ‘hammock’ that holds any kind of fuel you have to hand to cook anything from burgers to tinned soups. Plus it looks ace, and could probably be used to fend off any crazy woodland squirrels you will definitely encounter trying to make off with your perfectly cooked produce.


What Headcase Thinks? We think it looks great, and is brilliantly versatile to be useful. Portable products can cheat by forcing you to use something specific for fuel for example, but this allows you to use anything that can produce fire. If only it could cool us down at the same time…

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